Treatment and Medications for Hair Loss Problem

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Although genetics is considered the main factor in alopecia or hair loss, some specific environmental and nutritional factors do play a role in promoting it. It either may be due to the deficiency of vitamin, protein or minerals or caused due to taking some medications for high blood pressure, gout and cancer chemotherapy.

Ageing is also an important factor that leads to slow hair growth. Unlike men, women lose hair on the top of the head or the temples and do not get completely bald. The market is full of hair care products and hair loss cure products that promise to reverse your hair loss problem and restore your hair that will enhance your looks and appearance.

However, most of these products fail to deliver what their manufacturers and suppliers promise that simply results in a waste of time and money. Understanding the root cause of your hair loss problem, early diagnosis and consultations with a certified and experienced trichologist will help you prevent the progression of hair loss problem and you can have a healthy scalp with a thick volume of hair.

Your doctor may ask you some questions related to your family history and medical history and lead you to undergo some physical tests like blood test, scalp biopsy, and pull test and examination of hair strands with a light microscope. The early diagnosis of the problem and its causes increases the chance of improvement in your hair health and volume.

Some of the popular and effective treatment and medications for hair loss cure are enumerated below:-

1. Medications

Your hair loss expert would check whether your hair loss problem has been induced due to any medication taken for an underlying disease. If it were the case then the doctor would advise you to stop the medication for three months. You can also be prescribed excellent hair growth product like GrowHair or others that contain FDA approved Minoxidil sold as trade name Rogaine (‎C9H15N5O) and Finasteride sold as Propecia that slows down hair loss and promote new hair growth.

2. Hair Restoration Surgery

The other method to say goodbye to permanent hair loss is hair transplant that can help you get a scalp full of hair. However, the procedure is expensive and may be painful as well with the possible risk of infection and scarring.

3. Wigs and Hairpieces

Using a wig or a hairpiece to mask the effect of hair loss may be a good alternative for medical treatment. Being cost-effective and easy-to-use, many people prefer using quality, natural-looking wigs that enhance their looks and cover either permanent or temporary hair loss.

4. Using Natural Home Remedies

This involves a blend of right nutrition, proper hair styling and using essential oil blended with a carrier oil for combing your hair. Supplementing home remedies with taking the recommended and approved hair growth product like Growhair can help you obtain the best results in three to four months.

Hence, it can be safely said that there is no any fit-for-all solution for hair loss cure. The solution would depend on the diagnosis and specific condition of the person.

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