Stop Believing In Hair Related Myths for the Right Hair Loss Solution

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Unexplained hair thinning can give you sleepless nights. Nothing can be more distressing than seeing your beautiful locks fall out. Although there are generic as well as medical reasons for hair loss and baldness, all conditions can be treated in different ways. Most common hair problems in both men and women are hair fall, brittle and frizzy hair, dandruff, split ends, and oily scalp. You only need to pay proper attention to your hair problem to have the right hair fall solution. Once the cause of hair loss is revealed, it is possible to treat it in most cases.

Apart from the real reasons for hair fall, most people tend to believe myths related to hair loss. It is important to not believe everything that you hear from people about right hair growth. In fact, you should consult hair loss experts if you are unable to get relief from natural hair loss solutions. They can help you know the real reason behind hair loss and give you some pharmaceutical hair growth formula such as GrowHair etc. for proper hair loss cure.

Myths and Truths

•  Many people believe in the myth, the more you brush, the healthier your hair is. Brushing can surely distribute your natural oils, but overdoing it is certainly not good. In fact, too much brushing can cause friction, which results in frizz and can further lead to hair breakage over time. You should brush your hair only as needed and gently. It is good to start untangling your hair at the bottom first and working your way up to the root in a slow manner. Brushing hair excessively is known to damage it, as brushing pulls out hair that isn’t even ready to fall out. So, you should brush gently for styling purpose and not to stimulate the scalp.

•  You can find numerous magazines suggesting that trimming your hair every 6 weeks helps in hair growth. This can’t be true logically, as hair growth happens at the scalp and the end side of your hair is nothing more than the dead cells. The frequency of hair trimming has nothing to do with how fast it will grow. Trimming your hair regularly is good for preventing split ends and breakage, which is certainly not related to hair growth.

•  You must have heard or read that air-drying is better than blow-drying. This is not true entirely; for when your hair is exposed to water for extended periods of time, it swells up and puts direct pressure on the proteins that keep your hair safe. You should try air-drying your hair until your hair is about 75 percent dried. The dryer should be on a low heat setting while blow-drying to keep them from long-term damage.

You must have heard many more myths related to hair growth, but you should avoid believing them to have healthy hair. The best solution for falling hair is to get a doctor’s prescription for an approved pharmaceutical hair growth formula such as GrowHair. This will not only keep your hair from falling but also grow natural-looking hair on your head.

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