How to Grow Longer and Thicker Hair

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How to Grow Longer and Thicker Hair as a Man

Gone are the days when men with longer hair where disregarded for their style. The famous world billionaires may be bald or close to it, but that does not take anything away from men that keep long hairs. Indeed, there is a better understanding of the men that choose to leave their hair long. The modern society have recognized them for who they really are – adventurous men who are bold, creative, and ready to make their mark in the world without conforming to the societal expectations. Indeed, there is no stopping these men and they are confident enough to carry about their supermodel charm without caring about what the society thinks. They are ready to do what it takes to grow hair, and it doesn’t matter if they have to pay for the best hair growth products to achieve this.

Hair look nice on individuals irrespective of their gender. While some people may try to deny it based on age long beliefs that have no serious backings, modern humans have come to the realization that the hairstyle people choose to carry have nothing to do with their level of intelligence or ability to get things done. It is rather a reflection of personality trait and those who keep longer hair are infinitely bold and absolute goal-getters.

Taking the decision to join these set of men requires uncommon courage and if you have crossed that line, there is hardly any obstacle you can’t face in the journey of growing thicker and longer hair. With a really good effort, any man at all can do it. While this will be generally easy for some people, it can be really tough for others. Naturally, some people appear quite hairy and will take a little time to grow good hair, others are rather less hairy and will do more to achieve their target.

Irrespective of the category you fall in, if you are really interested in growing long, thick and healthy hair as a man, there are a couple of things you can do to achieve this goal and we will discuss them extensively here. Basically, the two things you can do to get things moving in the right direction for your hair are:

  • Make some lifestyle changes

  • Use some specific treatment on your hair

We will consider the two points separately in a holistic manner and deliver to you simple home practices that will help you to grow hair, as well recommend the best hair care products that will facilitate hair growth and leave you looking awesome in a relatively short time.

Make Some Lifestyle Changes

To grow longer and thicker hair is a lifestyle change in itself, but you will also need some more lifestyle changes to achieve it. We are going to run down some few things you can do to increase your chances of succeeding with longer and thicker hair.

Eat Right

You definitely understand that the food you eat has a lot of influence on your body, so eat the right way to grow your hair the right way. Food and exercise are essential for hair growth just as they are for strong muscles and organs. Proteins are generally great for hair, so make sure you get enough of it in your diet. Also biotin, a vitamin B complex, has been found to be very essential in hair and nail growth, so you have to get more of it. You can get biotin from avocados, nuts and oysters.

Keep Hydrated

For your overall wellbeing, water is essential. It also has a significant role to play in your bid to keep longer and thicker hair. The scalp and the hair follicles demand adequate water to increase hair growth and staying hydrated all the time is the only way to provide them with all the moisture they need for the growth of your hair. An average of 9 glasses of water daily can be very helpful.

Maintain Good Health

Hair loss is often associated with poor health, why do you think that is the case? Well, without being healthy, your chances of growing decent hair reduces. If you are not healthy, you may start losing hair instead of growing them. To maintain good health, eat right, exercise right, and reduce/eliminate any stress causing factor around you.

Know When and How To Brush Your Hair

Hair growth can be greatly improved by brushing and brushing the right way. Brushing stimulates the scalp and spread natural oil throughout the shafts of the strands of hair on your head. It is recommended that you brush your hair twice a day – when you wake up and at night, for instance. Make sure that you don’t brush your hair too much as it may lead to falling off of hair which is detrimental to your target of growing longer and thicker hair. Also, avoid the temptation to brush your hair when it is wet. This may be easier and more enjoyable, but it leads to breakages and hair loss as hair are quite fragile when they are wet.

Avoid the Use of Chemicals and Hot Tools in Your Hair

This is more like a ‘women problem’, but there are some men who are also interested in enhancing the look of their hair by subjecting it to some kind of chemical treatment. It has been variously reported that chemicals like relaxers and dyes damage hair, but there are people who prefer to sacrifice hair quality for the immediate gain of enhanced hair look that will turn sour after a while. Hot materials and blow dryers are also common among women but it is strongly advised that you avoid them as they are capable of damaging your hair. Though they may offer temporary enhancement, hot materials and chemicals will eventually make your hair frizzy and dull. Their effects does not end there, they will also slow down the rate of hair growth and delay the attainment of your target. In fact, you may have to cut the hair and start growing again when they damage them severely.

Wash your hair with cold water

The feel of hot water can be hugely sensational, but it comes at a price as far as growing your hair is concerned. The heat from the hot/warm water opens up the hair shaft of each strand of hair, making them to lose good portion of their moisture. This has the negative result of making the hair strands brittle and prone to damage. Cold water, on the other hand, will close the hair shaft, retaining enough moisture necessary to grow hair. So, while washing your hair, use cold water to retain the adequate moisture in your hair shaft necessary for growth.

Do Not Over-Wash Your Hair

It is understandable that you want to keep your hair in a great condition, but it is also imperative that you do not wash it just too much. This is because the natural oil that are produced by the scalp is very essential in hair growth and should not be constantly washed off. While taking your shower, avoid the temptation of washing your hair with soap always. As much as possible, wash your hair less.

Use Good Quality Shampoo

You still need to wash your hair thoroughly from time to time. This is necessary to keep it clean and healthy over time. Now, there are different shampoos in the market from different manufacturers who are adamant that their brands are the best. It will truly be hard for you to pick out the best among them, but there are some you should certainly avoid. Though they are advertised by some as really good, silicon is not good for a healthy and thicker hair. Avoid shampoos that have silicon in them. Go instead for shampoos that are made of natural ingredients.

Use the Right Hair Conditioner

If you must use a conditioner on your hair, it is essential that you use one that is good for your hair. As has been mentioned earlier, silicon is not good for your hair. The major problem it has is that it blocks out moisture and nutrients, thereby inhibiting hair growth. Look for conditioners that are made of natural ingredients and are silicon-free.

Use Some Specific Treatment on Your Hair

This is for both hairy people and those who find it hard to grow reasonable amount of hair even though they try. Actually, it is more beneficial for those who find it difficult to grow hair. There are some treatments (not harmful chemicals) that can be applied on the hair to make them grow faster and better.

While there are so many of these products in the market, finding the right one that will get the desired result without any side effect can be a challenge so we want to help by introducing to you some of the very best hair growth products in the market. These are products that have been tested and confirmed as excellent products. These products are made with the finest ingredients and we will introduce you to the two important active ingredients of the products, minoxidil and finasteride.


You may know minoxidil as a medication used for the treatment of hair loss in men and women, but do you also know that it can help you grow your hair? The medication which is normally used to help individuals with androgenic alopecia promotes hair growth in men and women.

As an active ingredient in our products, minoxidil performs its function as a potassium channel opener, causing hyperpolarization of cell membrane. The major way it helps you to achieve improved hair growth is by opening potassium channel and widening blood vessels around hair follicles. With the above action, minoxidil helps to get oxygen, blood, and nutrient to the hair follicles. In some cases, this can lead to the shedding of some follicles (especially those in the telogen phase) and their replacement by thicker hair (in a new anagen phase). For the sake of clarity, telogen phase means the resting phase while anagen is the growth phase of hair.

You may know minoxidil as a medication for treating baldness or hair loss, but with the explanation we have provided above, you can now understand how it facilitates hair growth. We have taken advantage of its natural ability, and have delivered a product that is highly effective in what it has been made to handle.


Finasteride, as a medication, has a wide range of applications. It is used for the treatment of enlarged prostate and hair loss in men; excessive hair growth in women; and as part of hormone therapy in transgender women. It is usually marketed under different brand names like Proscar and Propecia.

The reason finasteride is such a wonderful ingredient in our hair growth product for men is that it actually has bias for men. The substance has been successfully used to treat pattern hair loss in men. Majorly, it helps to slow hair loss and then promote hair growth at the same time.

Having longer hair won’t change who you are as a person. What actually changes is that you become more attractive. It might have occurred to you before, but let’s just reiterate it: ‘women find men with longer hair sexy’. Even if you are not growing your hair with the intention of looking more charming, it is still a great decision. The change in hairstyle can add a boost to your confidence. Contrary to what used to be popular opinion in the past, people have more respect for men who are confident with long hair.

Growing longer, thicker, and healthier hair requires quite some amount of effort and dedication. We have enumerated some points above that can help you achieve it. You have to be patient with the process, and make conscious effort to maintain the hair daily. It will also be nice to work with a stylist. Do not forget, you need to treat your hair not just to enhance the look, but to make them thicker and healthier. We have some of the very best hair growth products made from the best possible ingredients. They will help you in your quest to grow longer and thicker hair that will make the right statement.

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