6 Major Reasons that Stimulate Hair Fall Problem

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Apart from being a body part, hair is also a reason for everyone’s beauty. Different sorts of hairstyles contribute a lot to smartness. Therefore, people, either male or female, go crazy when they encounter hair fall. They start looking for solutions of their natural query as, “How to Stop Hair Fall?” In addition to this, people start experimenting with various solutions without understanding the cause of hair fall and verifying the credibility of treatments they are using, which ultimately enhance their problem.

Here are the reasons of hair fall everyone should know, to opt for right hair treatment:


It’s considered quite normal to witness baldness or diminishing of hair in ladies as they enter their 50s. The specialists are unknown about its reason, thus, neither they recommend hair growth products nor any sort of treatment. This makes the females left with external ways such as wigs, scarves, and hair styled in order to conceal baldness.


Any type of physical or emotional stress, surgery, pregnancy, accident, or an extreme sickness can stimulate the hair loss. There is a specific lifecycle of hair which leads from a development stage, to rest stage and ends at shedding stage. Extreme trauma can affect this cycle and make it reach easily to the shedding stage.

Experiment with Hair

Experimenting different hairstyle and hair medicines for many years can cause hair loss. The extraordinarily extreme styling of hair incorporates tight interlaces, hair weaves or braided hair with chemicals for hair straitening, hot-oil solutions or any sort of hazardous treatment or tremendous heat. These practices can influence the hair roots to the extent that creates baldness.


If one belongs to a family where ladies began to have hair fall or suffer from baldness at a specific age, in such case you may also fall prey to it. Ladies don’t have a tendency to have a retreating hairline, rather their part may extend and they may have a perceptible diminishing of hair.


Many fitness obsessed people consume anabolic steroids on regular basis to build up their muscles. These medicines could make them lose their hair. Apart from Anabolic steroids, other types of medicines or anti-depressants etc as well can have a bad effect on the body which could be same as the influence of polycystic ovary sickness. Thus, in these situations, the better solution is not to go for some hair growth products, rather shun the consumption of steroids etc.

Deficiency of Nutrients

We eat food to balance the nutritional level in our body and deficiency of many specific vitamins, minerals, proteins, etc can affect the hair’s health badly. The nutrients whose deficiency can trigger the hair loss are iron, vitamin B, protein etc.

However, from now onwards, before searching promptly for “How to Stop Hair Fall?” try to think that if you are related to any of the above-mentioned situations and activities. After that you can go for the best hair products like GrowHair which are scientifically proven and safe to find an appropriate treatment for yourself.

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